Hillary Clinton poses for an amazing ‘Madam Secretary’ photo shoot

Hillary Clinton poses for an amazing 'Madam Secretary' photo shoot

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Hillary Clinton poses for an amazing ‘Madam Secretary’ photo shoot

Image: Charles Krupa/AP/REX/Shutterstock

Hillary Clinton, Madeleine Albright, and Colin Powell. 

An illustrious set of names in U.S. political circles, all soon to be immortalized on TV in Season 5 of Madam Secretary. The three former Secretaries of State will appear together in the fifth season’s premiere episode, airing on Oct. 7.

They all shot their scenes earlier this month, on July 11, and before the day was over they took the time to pose for a photo with series star Téa Leoni.

Image: CBS

In the episode, Leoni’s fictional Secretary of State Elizabeth McCord turns to the three formers for help in responding to what the press release describes as a “delicate situation.”

Madam Secretarya known Clinton favorite — is a political drama in which Leoni stars as a former CIA analyst and professor who steps into the role of Secretary of State. The show follows Leoni’s McCord and the people arrayed around her both at work and at home.

The hour-long series launched in 2014 and it’s been going strong ever since, with 90 episodes to date spread across four season. You can check out Season 5 when it premieres on Sunday, Oct. 7.

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